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New Paganini piece….

As one of the first pieces here I put the famous solo Caprice no. 24 by Paganini – and now I have added another piece of his, which I arranged years ago:

The “Moto Perpetuo”…which he wrote as a showpiece for violin and piano – and which has since then been arranged for nearly any other instrument…

Actually the piece is not at all suited for a wind player, since it is supposed to be played fast, with no possibility for breaths… Still it is a fun piece to play, and I have suggested some breathing spots, where you may leave out some notes, and still keep the feeling and illusion of an eternity machine running…

It is definitely not an easy piece, but it could be good as an exercise – and can of course be played at any speed…

Thank you for the nice comments on the page – and please still feel free to come with suggestions for music you would find useful…

Still I am working on the Tartini “Devils Trill Sonata” – as well as some easy pieces. And hope to have them ready within a week or so.

Enjoy your music making – and I hope that you still take care in this time!

Musical greetings from


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Hello – and thank you for your interest!

It is so nice to have this possibility to share much of the music I have always liked. And nice that the communication seems to work on this page! Thank you for your suggestions and comments, so far! 

Some suggestions for new sheet music have come in already. One of them I was already planning – a piece I have performed often: The “Devils Trill Sonata” by Baroque composer Guiseppe Tartini – a quite difficult work, in my opinion… But even if you play it at a low speed it has a lot to offer, as it has a lot of interesting harmonies – very advanced for its time. 

Also I am working on some pieces which are less demanding technically, and very good music: a book of flute duets published in the 18th century – all arrangements of arias and music from Mozarts “The Magic Flute”. 

Please do write if you have any comments – the site and this way of communicating is new to me – so there may be things I am not aware of. 

In this time: take care of your self and each other! – even if we have to stay more or less isolated we can still be together in music! 

Many musical greetings from