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Welcome to Michala Petri Music – my own site, where I share music, ideas and tips from my 50 year long experience as a musician and concert artist through 50 years. For info about my concerts, discography, biography and news you can visit my homepage

On this page I will  share:

Sheet music for recorder in many combinations…

I have often been asked by other players if they can have the music I am using – both for baroque works, transscriptions and contemporary music – so I have decided to put the most-asked-for up here, as well as other pieces I find interesting.

The pieces are divided in groups of instrumentation – with one added list of pieces commissioned by and composed for me. Some of those works I am able to put on the page as sheet music and some will have links to where to obtain them

The joy of music making is NOT dependent on how good you are.  If you know what you are doing, and if you feel safe and connect with the music the joy and benefit is the same at all levels!